The only way to learn something is to practise it. This weblog is my personal one where I write about things that reveal a little more about me. Being much older than Generation Y this is like trying a new recipe. The picture looks great, the instructions seem easy but the end result is a matter of trial and error.

And hey, I once introduced lots of high school teenage girls to the wonders of Microsoft Office way back in the 90s. It was a fun, co-operative effort as we stumbled our way to success. So with help from younger friends and business colleagues I can do it again. Or if desperate, turn to my computer-savvy sons or Monte, the Google Guy.

Let the game begin.

You can read more of my Blog article on my two business Blogs –

http://www.babyboomerpersonalstylist.wordpress.com  which contains articles on modern fashion for women over 40.

http://www.stylishbabyboomers.com.au which contains products and articles for today’s stylish baby boomer woman and man.


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    • Margaret I am not sure if the world is ready for you and your goal setting in 2015. It is the year of the sheep and apparently it is a much better one for all of use. 2014 was tough in most aspects of our lives. Go sheep and you in 2015!

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