The Winter Sea – Book Review

‘The Winter Sea’ by Di Morrissey

'The Winter Sea' - Di MorrisseyI like a story that moves along – a story you want to keep reading regardless of what else has to be done and what time of night it is.

This is one of those stories.

The cover says it is ‘a story of family secrets and finding your true place in the world’. That is a good description. It starts in 1906 in a small village on an island off the coast of Italy with a young man, Guiseppe d’Aquino who has an affinity for the sea and fishing. Circumstances after the First World War see him decide to head off to America. Di kept me engrossed with how the people he meets and a bit of chance sees him instead on a freighter bound for Australia. The story follows his fortunes until he moves to Whitby Point, a fictional town in New South Wales.

We then meet the second major character, Cassie Holloway, who in 2011 is leaving an unsatisfactory marriage and an unfulfilling career. She moves to Whitby Point to recover and discover a new future helped by a dog called ‘Bill’ and Guiseppe’s great-grandson, Michael. All looks wonderful until something happens that links our two main characters (I’ll keep the secret). I do like the challenges of a family secret mystery because we all have secrets behind our innocent facades.

When you like the characters, learn some new knowledge and feel it really could have happened, the author has done her job well. Me, the reader, is very glad that I asked my son for this book as one of my Xmas presents.


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