Book Review – The Meaning of Luck

‘The Meaning of Luck: Stories of Learning, Leadership & Love’

by Steve Waugh

'The Meaning ofLuck' bu Steve WaughSteve Waugh, former Australian Cricket Captain, explores through stories of the challenges of his wife, people he has met and his cricketing career, what he has learnt about ‘luck’.

The sub-heading of the book is a guide to tell you it is not about miraculous escapes, lucky chances or being ‘favoured habitually by fortune’.

It starts with the first two chapters about his wife’s life-threatening brain bleed in 2006 and ends with the Epilogue story of Keziah De Guia and the work of the Steve Waugh Foundation. In between are chapters about people Steve has met, admired and interacted with. Interspersed are stories of Steve’s cricketing career.

All demonstrate that it’s not what happens to you that counts.  It is how you deal with it that enriches your life and inspires others. He reminds us that it is the chances you take and what you do when no one is looking that creates what others falsely label as ‘luck’.

There is laughter, friendship and support in the stories for you cannot do it alone and are not meant to.

Because of this book, I have changed my opinion of cricket. I thought it was boring but I have come to appreciate its chess-like qualities. A cricket captain is a leader who moves his players to stay ahead of his opponents and the playing conditions while employing subtle and strategic mind-games to secure a victory.

Read, ponder and enjoy.

Below is a Affirmation graphic I created from some words in the book that spoke to me.

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2 thoughts on “Book Review – The Meaning of Luck

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  2. Thank you for this review the meaning of luck and Steve Waugh are so close to my heart as my sister is Keziah De Guia and I’m glad her story is being told in his book as a one in a million.

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